Our 19ft Traditional Mongolian Yurt Project

In January 2021, we decided to purchase an authentic Mongolian yurt! We knew nothing about yurts, and we had never even seen one, however, their unique hand carved design was perfect for our farm, and we were totally convinced that we should build one!

By the summer, the Yurt had been delivered and we were ready to start building. With a little help from our friends and family, we picked a spot atop a hill overlooking our woodlands with Cadair Idris in plain sight, and got to work!

We began by levelling the land and constructing a platform to sit it on. The process took a few weeks to complete, but it was hardly a chore – the wonderful welsh sunshine made it a pleasure, and proved a great opportunity to top up our sun tans too!

The 35 degree heatwave continued into August, and it was time to put that base to use – on to the Yurt build! It was certainly a challenge trying to figure out where everything slotted together, but we definitely had fun in the process! The joyous moments led to happy memories which will last a lifetime, and even now continues to be a labour of love, exploring ways to improve on these beautifully hand crafted traditional structures!

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